Hailee Steinfeld Feels the Same Way We All Do About Working Out

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At 20 years old, Hailee Steinfeld has already proven her singing, acting and modeling chops, but she just revealed something about her fitness habits that makes us love her even more.

The True Grit star says more often than not she'll don her favorite activewear without ever actually hitting the gym.

"I love workout clothes. I'll get up in the morning and put them on with the intention of going for a walk, just getting out and being active," she told AOL Entertainment. "Hours will go by and I'll look at myself in the mirror and be like, 'Wow. I just chill in these. I don't do anything.'"

Honestly, who hasn't done that?

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In another ~relatable~ revelation, even when Steinfeld does get to the gym, she's not particularly happy about it. 

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"I dread the treadmill," she said. "But I really do find that finding the right outfit that makes you feel great and look great — that puts me in the mood to get active."

Steinfeld, who has partnered with MISSION, which just launched a new line of scientifically-engineered athletic wear that keeps you cool and comfortable even during rough workouts, says that she prefers outdoor exercise and dancing, and that she's grateful for a strong, healthy bod.

"Even on days when I wake up and feel a little under the weather, my body allows me to get out and enjoy life and this world we live in," she said. "There's so much beauty in everyone's strength."

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