Jennifer Aniston’s Yoga Instructor Shares 4 Tips for a Flawless Mind and Body

(Photo: Getty / Jeffrey Mayer / Contributor, Getty)

Jennifer Aniston has come a long way since we first fell in love with her on Friends, but one thing that hasn’t changed is her incredible figure. She credits celebrity fitness instructor Mandy Ingber with introducing her to workouts that suit not only her body, but also challenge her mind.

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Ingber believes her “yogalosophy” helps stars like Aniston get more satisfaction and benefits from every workouts. Here are a few of the trademarks of Ingber’s routines that Aniston uses daily to achieve her best body (and best self).

Make it count.

To be specific, make it count to 60—a full hour of light exercise is the first tenet of Ingber’s method. While she advocates breaking it up into manageable time chunks to fit whatever schedule you’re working with (no one knows demanding schedules better than celebrity trainers), she says this is a non-negotiable amount of time to reach every day for better fitness and overall health.

Make space for quiet.

Ingber suggests meditating for a minimum of 5 minutes each day to clear your mind and refocus. Even a short meditation session can make a major difference in your outlook for the day.

Focus on the core.

Jennifer works through plenty of balancing exercises with during her yoga routine, which are great for your core muscles as you attempt to remain stable. Additionally, adding some plank variations (which are the new crunches, by the way) to your practice helps train those abdominal muscles. And according to Ingber, they’re one of Aniston’s favorite exercises. The real proof is in her figure!

Work out with a friend.

Ingber is a huge advocate of working out in pairs in order to stay motivated; even if you can’t afford a celebrity trainer like Aniston, having another person there to help you stick to your goals is a huge plus. Of course, it helps that Aniston and Ingber are super-close friends! Take a tip from their playbook and link up with your bestie for a morning run that will keep you both motivated.


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