Kate Middleton’s Guide to Staying in Shape Is Royally Impressive

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While some celebs chase the newest fitness craze every month, changing from boxing to aerial yoga to whatever is sure to be the next big thing, Kate Middleton has a refreshingly old-school approach to fitness that harkens back to her childhood.

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The royal pop-culture icon spends her workouts engaging in a bevy of classic sports, from swimming to tennis to field hockey. While her love of sports began in school, she continues to incorporate these favorite activities today while also experimenting with new exercises.

The diversity of her interests is key; instead of getting bogged down in one style of sport, she switches freely between her favorites. This not only keeps things interesting, but infuses her active time with an element of fun (who among us doesn’t remember how much we enjoyed sports in school, while going to the gym today feels more like a chore?).

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It isn't surprising that Middleton and her blueblood family enjoy playing tennis, but it makes even more sense when you look at how much of a workout it provides. Between the speed required and the powerful serves, a game of tennis can be a fun and functional total-body activity.

Another workout Kate enjoys? Cycling. While it’s hardly news that cycling provides a great workout, we love that Kate prefers outdoor biking as opposed to riding a stationary bike to pop tunes (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) for a more adventurous session.

Wondering how the Duchess of Cambridge gets her arms in top toned shape? Her habit of rowing certainly has something to do with that. Though she mainly relies on rowing machines at the palace, Kate used to train for charity rows and had a talent for crew. Not only does this activity develop arm strength, there are diverse benefits including a svelte lower body!

Ready to get started yourself? Kate's activities are strong choices for getting a figure worthy of royalty.


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