Child Star Soleil Moon Frye Loses Serious Weight After Having Her Fourth Child

(Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez)

When it comes to motherhood, Soleil Moon Frye has it on lockdown, but losing the baby weight wasn't quite as simple. Still, after giving birth to her fourth child, she found her way to an amazing 26-pound weight loss and has found a whole new lease on life, according to PEOPLE. 

“I thought, ‘This is really hard.’ After the third child, and then with the fourth, it was even harder,” Frye, 40, said. “Our bodies change as we grow up and get a little bit older. It’s not quite as easy. You see these models that walk out in a crop top within a few weeks of having a baby — I wish I had a body like that, but that’s not realistic for me!”

So when the Punky Brewster star decided to get serious about her health, she knew she wouldn't be able to do it the same way other stars go about it. Instead of celebrity trainers and rushing to get back to pre-baby weight, Frye turned to Nutrisystem to get her on the right path. 

“I was like, ‘It worked the last time, I’m ready to do it again.’ I started back on the program and it’s been wonderful,” she said. “I absolutely love being able to eat waffles in the morning and ice cream sandwiches and pizza and things that I love.”

More than the nutritional aspect, Frye has been making her fitness a family journey, involving daughters Poet, 11 and Jagger, 8 in her workouts. 

“We’ve been doing a ton of bike riding together,” she said. “It gives us that time to get outdoors together. But the majority of the exercise is running around with the little ones, playing soccer, and especially now, having boys, I get to be rough with them.”

It's bigger than just slimming down and shaping up for Frye, though. She looks at the weight loss as a larger priority as a role model to her children. 

“I think by knowing that my kids look to me, it really forces me to just feel as if I need to be an example to them,” she said. 

Way to go Punky Brewster, we think she looks absolutely amazing.