Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence and More Read Mean Tweets About Jimmy Kimmel

One of the most well-known segments of Jimmy Kimmel Live! is when the host has celebrities read mean tweets about themselves, but for Kimmel's 50th birthday, his team decided to flip the script and have stars read mean tweets about Kimmel.

Ray Romano introduced the clip as an incredulous Kimmel was shocked to learn that people had, in fact, tweeted mean things about him. To celebrate Kimmel's birthday, stars like Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Bell, Howard Stern, David Letterman, Halle Berry and Will Ferrell

In addition, Kim Kardashian West read a tweet from her husband, Kanye West, in which the rapper wrote in all caps, “Jimmy Kimmel put yourself in my shoes … Oh no that means you would have gotten too much good p—- in your life.”

At the time, West was responding to a spoof Kimmel did of an interview West had given on BBCRadio 1.

Elsewhere in the show, Kimmel was surprised by Adam Sandler, Huey Lewis and James Taylor in person, while George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston and Kimmel's "rival," Matt Damon, appeared in pre-taped sketches.

Photo Credit: YouTube / Jimmy Kimmel Live