Farrah Abraham Bashed for Her Veteran's Day Post

Social media posts commemorating holidays are typically not problematic, but Farrah Abraham found a way to stir up a little drama.

The Teen Mom OG cast member chose to share several of her businesses' Veterans Day flyers along with a well wish to those who've served, including her father.

‪"HAPPY Veterans Day Weekend 2017 to all who served!" Abraham wrote. "Go dad! We appreciate your services."

While her intention may have been innocent enough, some saw Abraham sharing sharing business flyers was just a way to cash in on the holiday.

"Why can’t you just make today about Veterans?" one fan wrote. "You have 364 other days to promote your businesses."

Others even criticized Abraham for not offering discounts to veterans for the holiday.

"You’re what I call cheap cheap," commenter Angel Mofford wrote. "Not even giving veterans any kind a discount or free froyo."