Alec Baldwin Admits He Treated Women in a Sexist Way

Alec Baldwin called himself out for his own abusive behavior towards women Thursday during his tribute at the Paley Center for Media in New York City.

During the event, which was meant to honor his support for the organization and his own television career, Baldwin discussed his "sexist" treatment of women in the past.

“I certainly have treated women in a very sexist way. I’ve bullied women. I’ve overlooked women. I’ve underestimated women. Not as a rule,” Baldwin told The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon's Steve Higgins, reports The Hollywood Reporter. “From time to time I’ve done what a lot of men do, which is… when you don’t treat women the same way you treat men. You don’t. I’m from a generation where you really don’t and I’d like that to change. I really would like that to change.”

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Baldwin said he hopes workplace environments in and outside of Hollywood change in the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and James Toback scandals.

“I think it’s important for us to try to make the workplace and beyond not only comfortable and right and fair and appropriate but as productive, as well,” the 30 Rock actor said. “I think a lot of what we’re dealing with within this issue is hurting our business. It’s making it less productive.”

Baldwin also admitted that he heard rumors of sexual assault, but insisted he was not fully aware of the "scope."

“It’s been a very eye-opening experience for me personally,” he continued. “We’ve got to be vigilant in a new way to make sure that everybody is comfortable and that we get the job done together that we’re there to do.”

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Over 300 women have told the Los Angeles Times they were sexually harassed by Toback, who worked with Baldwin on two films. After days of silence, Baldwin told the LA Times he never spoke to Toback about the director's sex life.

"In all the time I’ve known Jimmy, I never had one conversation about his sex life, which is not unusual for me because I’m not sitting down with some guy and he’s saying to me, 'Man, you should have seen what I did last night with this girl in this hotel,'" Baldwin told the LA Times on Oct. 31. "I don’t go there."