Corey Feldman Speaks out on Hollywood Pedophilia

Corey Feldman said on Twitter this week that he plans on finding a way to bring child abusers in Hollywood to justice in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal.

The 46-year-old former child actor has spent years speaking out against alleged Hollywood pedophiles and claims he was abused himself.

"[For] the record: I will not [be] going on a talk show [to] disclose names of my abuser or any[one] [else’s] abusers. So please stop asking me [to] do so," Feldman wrote in all capital letters. "The practice of sensationalizing this topic with no plan of action or protection [for] my family, would prove fruitless! I [have] been thru enough already over this! My career was shut down, I have been mocked [and] shamed [for] doing what I have done [to] this point!"

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He continued, "I would love [to] [see] others come forward as there [are] many other witnesses [to] the crimes I have addressed. Still not [one] of my peers has offered up anything in a decade!"

Feldman then suggested he was trying to find a way to get justice for those abused.

"That said I am working on a plan that may [be] a way forward [to] shed some lite on this situation! If i can figure out a way [to] get actual justice while not risking my safety [and] well being, [you] will know when that time comes," Feldman wrote. "As [for] now, [I’m] glad [people] [are] talking, [and] I pray that others come [forward]! Nobody should [live] their lives in fear except those who committed these heinous crimes in the 1st place! I [have] faith [in] God will [see] this thru! Also let me add, this is not about fear of being sued! Yes that’s a real possibility but the bigger reason is safety [for] my family!"

Feldman, who starred in Stand By Me and The Goonies as a child actor, has claimed in the past that he and his late Lost Boys co-star Corey Haim were abused by Hollywood executives. In 2013, Feldman went on The View to discuss Hollywood pedophilia. That clip went viral this week, as critics attacked Barbara Walters for telling Feldman he was "damaging an entire industry" by coming forward.

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Feldman reignited his fight against Hollywood pedophilia in light of the Weinstein scandal, in which dozens of women have accused the producer of sexual harassment.

In addition, the APA talent agency has come under fire after agent Tyler Grasham was accused of sexually assaulting or acting inappropriately with young male actors. Stranger Things actor Finn Wolhard left the agency, The Hollywood Reporter reported on Oct. 20. Grasham was later fired.