Caitlyn Jenner Reportedly Confirms Kylie's Pregnancy

Caitlyn Jenner is the first member of the Kardashian-Jenner crew to confirm that the Kylie Jenner is pregnant.

When asked about the time frame that Caitlyn learned of Kylie's pregnancy, the former Olympian's rep told The Sun, "All I can tell you is that it was some time ago."

The news broke last week that the 20-year-old social media start is reportedly expecting a child with her rapper boyfriend, Travis Scott. However, none of the reality fixture's family confirmed the news until Caitlyn's rep did. Even Kris Jenner refrained from spilling the beans on her daughter's pregnancy during an interview with Ryan Seacrest on Monday.

While Kylie is reportedly thrilled about having a child, Caitlyn, 67, thinks that she may not be ready for the responsibilities that come with being a parent. A source told that Caitlyn thinks Kylie is "way too young" to have a child.

“She thinks Kylie is way too young to have a baby, and that she should have waited until she was in a long-term committed relationship. Obviously, Kylie has more than enough money to ensure that she can pay for help, but Caitlyn still thinks that having a baby will take a huge toll on Kylie’s life," a source said.

"Caitlyn would have liked for Kylie to wait ’til she was in her thirties, but Kylie has always wanted to be a young mom, and she’s crazy in love with Travis [Scott], so she didn’t want to wait any longer," the source continued. "Caitlyn is concerned that Kylie and Travis really haven’t been dating very long, and that a baby will put a big strain on their relationship, but Kylie believes the exact opposite — that she and Travis will be together forever.”

Another source added that Caitlyn may have her opinions about the situation, but she is going to be supportive of her youngest daughter.

"If Kylie is happy then Caitlyn is happy but she can’t believe her baby is all grown up and having a child of her own,” the insider said. “She wants Kylie to know that she will be there whenever she needs it and hopes for the absolute best but it is still pretty crazy to Caitlyn that it happened so fast. She is still wrapping her head around all of it. Caitlyn definitely has mixed emotions over it all.”