Ashley Graham Shares Cheeky Backstage Snap in Backless Chaps

Ashley Graham is feeling extra cheeky at Milan Fashion Week, and she's got the backless chaps to prove it.

(Photo: Instagram / @theashleygraham)

The 29-year-old model shared a Boomerang video on her Instagram story strutting her stuff in a pair of backless riding chaps with her black thong underwear on full display.

Graham was documenting her prep process for the fashion show on her Instagram story, first sharing selfies from the hair and makeup chair, and then taking a break, sliding on a pair of slippers and showing off her booty backstage.

The model has never been shy about showing off her curves, and is now encouraging other women to do the same. Earlier this week she debuted at the forefront of Lane Bryant's ImNoAngel campaign, which dares women to ditch photo filters and share pics of their true selves.

"The truth is, I’ve had cellulite since I was 11 years old," Graham said in the ad, which debuted during Sunday night's Emmy Awards. She and other curvy models declared themselves "no angels," in reference to Victoria's Secrets traditionally thin models.

And during New York Fashion Week, Graham called out Rihanna's Fenty models for the lack of body diversity on the runway.

"It’s sad," she said in an interview with Yahoo! Beauty. "It’s funny to me, because I’ll look at runways and think, I’d look so great in those clothes, or I know curvy women who would look so great in those clothes.”

"I was at Fenty, and that was an amazing show. But how dope would it have been to see some curves on the runway? I think Baja East would be really cool to have curves on the runway. Philipp Plein would be really cool."

It's clear that Graham will never stop strutting her stuff or her body-positive beliefs until the fashion industry is more accepting of all different body sizes.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @theashleygraham



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