Kit Harington Teaches Spice Girl How to Properly Say Iconic 'Game of Thrones' Line

We all love to quote lines from Game of Thrones, but a former Spice Girl recently got a first-hand lesson from Jon Snow himself, Kit Harrington on how to properly say one of the show's most iconic lines.

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In a video posted to her Instagram, Gerri Halliwell, also known as Ginger Spice, attempts to say, "You know nothing, Jon Snow," while Harington tries to help her get the enunciation correct.

Eventually, Harington approves her delivery, but then she tries again and he says, "Now you've lost it again!"

While we're unsure if Halliwell will appear on the HBO series similarly to Ed Sheeran did this past season, fans will have to wait and see after the explosive revelations discovered in season six. Like how Jon is actually a descendant of the Targaryen line and, without knowing it, consummated his affections with Daenerys in the season six finale.

Many people took issue with this development, but one person who didn't was former Game of Thrones star Tom Hopper, the actor who played Dickon Tarly.

A TMZ cameraman caught up with Hopper and told him that Jon and Daenerys "end up hooking up," to which Hopper replies, "Oh they do?"

It turns out Hopper hadn't actually seen the season seven finale himself yet.

"I'm not too bothered by that. That's OK. That can happen. I kinda guessed that would happen," Hopper says.

Hopper's character, Dickon Tarly, was the brother of another very popular character, Samwell Tarly. A few episodes before the finale, however, Dickon met his end after refusing to bend the knee to Daenerys. She had both him and his father executed by dragon-fire.