Miley Cyrus Reflects on Evolution of Her Music and Image

Miley Cyrus officially returned to the music world with her single "Malibu" earlier this year, and the song's overall vibe is a marked change from her previous offerings including 2013's Bangerz and her most recent album, 2015's Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz.

In an interview with the Today show, the singer explained that while people like to make a big deal out of her seemingly evolved self, she feels that change is just a normal part of life.

“I think it’s all the same. I think everyone else likes to play up that I’m some, like, freak that somehow changes, but everyone changes all the time,” Cyrus said. “I think something that people have made [up] is that change is a bad thing."

“It’s bad for you. That’s why you’ve still got the mullet,” the 24-year-old added to her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, who was on hand as his daughter's team advisor for the latest season of NBC's The Voice.

“My dad’s least favorite word in the English language is ‘change,’ but I love his hair," Miley added of her dad's signature 'do. "It’s gorgeous, and it inspires me.”

Along with "Malibu," Cyrus also recently released new song "Inspired," which has the same relaxed and happy vibe as Cyrus' current persona, which brings the singer close to her Nashville roots.

Fans will be able to hear more of Cyrus' new sound when her new album, Younger Now, drops on Sept. 29.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @mileycyrus