Patton Oswalt and Fiancée Meredith Salenger Have Public First 'Fight', Twitter Can’t Get Enough

Patton Oswalt and his bride-to-be Meredith Salenger have reached another milestone in their relationship. This weekend, the engaged couple had their first public fight and it sent Twitter into an uproar.

The feud was ignited after Patton responded to a tweet by comedian Max Silvestri that read: "A freeing thing to remember is that the funniest joke writers on this site are repulsive in person."

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The 48-year-old King of Queens actor then lumped himself into the category of "funniest joke writers" with a lewd tweet.

"Not true I just had diarrhea in my pants and it got all over my balls but my d-ck is still spotless except for all the zits," he wrote.

Salenger, who graduated from Harvard, was evidently not in agreement with Patton's assertion that he was one of the premiere joke writers on Twitter.

She responded to her fiancé's tweet by writing: "Delete your account."

Patton replied: "And disappoint my trolls?!? Never.

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As the tweet exchange continued, other Twitter users weighed in on the interaction between Oswalt and Salenger.

“If this is how they flirt, imagine how they fight,” wrote Twitter user Christian Jeffries.

“Imagine the make-up sex! Only don’t, because that’s sort of creepy and I’m sorry I brought it up,” wrote another Twitter user, HoosAGoodKitty, with a scared faced emoji.

Salenger then responded to the Twitter user by writing: "“We haven’t fought yet. and also… we aren’t married yet! So… no sex! Cuz that is sacrilege. @pattonoswalt is very very proper.”

Oswalt then replied to Salenger's tweet writing: “How are you getting a WiFi signal in your Menstruation Hut?”

While the entire interaction was only in jest, Oswalt and Salenger have had to face a more serious challenge in their relationship earlier this year. The two got engaged only 15 months after the death of Oswalt's first wife, Michelle McNamara, who died in a sudden and unexpected circumstance.

The two faced criticism by some online users who were critical of their decision to tie the knot after Oswalt became a widower less than a year and a half ago.

Oswalt and Salenger have spoken out about the situation and defended their decision to get married. Learn more here.