Caitlyn Jenner Speaks out About Rob Kardashian's Blac Chyna Rant

It seems that everyone has an opinion on Rob Kardashian lashing out at Blac Chyna over social media — and now we can add Caitlyn Jenner to the growing list.

The former Olympic athlete had some harsh words for her ex-stepson after his X-rated rant about Blac Chyna, which spurred Chyna to get a restraining order against Kardashian, E! News reports.

(Photo: Twitter / @natenquirer)

"I don't know the Blac Chyna/Rob thing," Jenner said while guest co-hosting The View on Friday. "Rob was stupid for doing that and he kind of apologized. I really have not had much of a relation- I've never met Blac Chyna. I've never met the kid. Rob, I haven't really had a serious conversation with in years. So I've kind of been out of that scene so I really can't comment on what's going on there."

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"Guys, I know, I used to be over on that team, can be really stupid, okay, and do stupid things," said Jenner, who revealed her identity as a transgender woman two years ago. "I've tried to warn my kids — all of them, I've got a lot of kids — you gotta pick your friends. And it's tough to do because you can be tremendously deceived."

Caitlyn's ex-wife and Kardashian's mother, Kris Jenner, was "very distraught" over the rant, E! News reports.

"Although the family has never been a fan of Chyna, they want what is best for Dream," a source said at the time. "The family is trying to focus on the positive things going on in their lives and hope that Rob will calm down and stop airing dirty laundry. The family is upset and thinks that Rob's actions were inappropriate."

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Kardashian's lawyer apologized on his behalf for his behavior, in which he uploaded naked photos of Chyna, slammed her and accused her of cheating on him. She fired back at him, accusing him of domestic violence.

After the hearing in which Chyna obtained a restraining order against Kardashian, his attorney said Kardashian's priority moving forward will be baby Dream.

Chyna also told reporters, "I will go back to co-parenting Dream."