Instagram Commenters Slam Pregnant Lara Trump's 'Small' 9-Month Baby Bump

Lara Trump is only weeks away from her due date, and her Instagram followers are worried that her pregnancy isn't progressing properly.

In an Instagram video, Trump, 34, who is expecting her first child with Eric Trump later in September, can be seen doing triceps extensions and lunges.

"Hoping the workout inspires this baby to make an appearance!!" she captioned the post.

As is pretty much typical on Instagram these days, commenters chimed in with their own suggestions on getting the baby to make its debut. Others offered unsolicited advice for the mom-to-be's exercise routine.

"Don't overdo, make sure all exercises are okay'd by the Doc and rest, rest and more rest," one commenter wrote.

"I thought you weren't supposed to put your arms over your head like that due to the umbilical cord moving?" another said.

Others commented that Lara's baby belly didn't look "big" enough for the third trimester.

β€œYou don’t look full term. Prayers for you and that baby,” wrote one person. Another chimed in: β€œYou do NOT look due...SMALL!”

"You be careful young lady..... your baby will come when he's ready," wrote another person. Someone else wrote, "I lost a pregnancy doing just that! Please be careful."

Lara learned that she was pregnant on Eric's birthday. "It was a nice birthday surprise for him,” she told Fox News. She and Eric made the announcement to the rest of the family on Inauguration Day.

β€œThere’s gonna be a little Trump boy entering the world in September,” Eric gushed.

He added that his father President Donald Trump is β€œon cloud nine.”