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Audrey Roloff Explains 'Reclaiming Love' in Touching Note

Anna Rumer


Audrey Roloff and her husband Jeremy may appear to have the perfect marriage, but the Little People, Big World couple has to work to keep their love alive.

Roloff opened up about what it means to be in love in a touching note (and sweatshirt advertisement) on her Instagram Wednesday.

"Love. Have we lost grip on what it really is?" Roloff captioned a photo of her cuddling with Jeremy in matching sweatshirts. "It’s so commonly mistaken for tolerance, or watered down to a feeling or desire. We are so quick to say we love this and love that... but have we cheapened the meaning? Sure, I 'love' Christmas and 'love' campfires, but then I also love Jeremy... So how do we reconcile this?"

She continues, telling her followers to "reclaim" the definition of love: "True love is so much more than desire for something or someone. It’s patient, kind, compassionate, selfless, fervent, unconditional, honest, encouraging, enduring, and full of grace and truth. Love is not a feeling; it’s a sacrifice, a commitment, daily choice - a verb."

The first-time mom goes on to quote famous pastor and author Timothy Keller, who said, “In any relationship, there will be frightening spells in which your feelings of love dry up. And when that happens, you must remember that the essence of marriage is that it is a covenant, a commitment, a promise of future love. So what do you do? You DO THE ACTS OF LOVE, despite your lack of feeling. You may not feel tender, sympathetic, and eager to please, but in your actions you must BE tender, understanding, forgiving and helpful. And, if you do that, as time goes on you will not only get through the dry spells, but they will become less frequent and deep, and you will become more constant in your feelings. This is what can happen if you decide to love.”

The 25-year-old concludes her thesis on love with an all-caps missive: "LOVE IS A VERB."

Roloff and her husband Jeremy have been through a lot together recently, from the birth of their first child Ember Jean in September to setbacks in their home renovations.

Last month, Jeremy penned a tender tribute to his wife for sticking with him through all this.

"I'm so proud of my wife," he wrote on Instagram. "These last few weeks have been pretty tough on her. (If you watch our stories you know what I'm talking about) But she's been a trooper and I'm thankful that I have her as a teammate. I knew having a teammate with a life mantra like [always more] has got to be a big win!"

Photo credit: Instagram / @audreyroloff

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