Audrey Roloff Says She's 'Heartached' After Recent Setback at Home

Anna Rumer


Less than two months after having their first child, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are experiencing some significant and heartbreaking setbacks in their first home.

The Little People, Big World couple has regularly been chronicling the kitchen/living room renovation of their first home on Instagram for months, finally finishing the huge project for the most part 11 weeks after baby Ember Jean was born.

But it looks like something went wrong in the process, and the TLC cast members will be having a lot more to do before their home is what they hoped it would be.

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"Bye bye kitchen," Audrey captioned a picture of her standing with baby Ember in a torn-up kitchen.

After explaining a little bit about the "fixer upper" project to update the "1960's kitchen" and open up the living room, the 26-year-old revealed that the family dishwasher has been leaking water under the kitchen and ruining the entire renovation.

"Flash forward 2 months — full of tears, doctors appointments, prayers, laughter, learning, sleepless nights, cuddles, hundreds of baby pics, take-out, and Netflix... we come to find out our dishwasher had been leaking water under our kitchen and all our hard work would need to be ripped out and redone," she said. "This time with a newborn baby and during the holidays."

She admits that she feels like she got her "feet back under [her] again since having Ember," and this knocked her off balance.

"To be honest, l was pretty heartached, angry, frustrated, and bitter for at least a solid 24 hours," she said. "But today the Lord reminded me of this simple yet significant truth. There is ALWAYS MORE to my story than what l can see, know, and understand."

The new mom continued, saying that her faith will help her through this tough time.

"So all this? l know He will work it for my good and His glory," she said. "The Lord is the author, l simply get to be a faithful narrator — His past faithfulness demands my present trust."

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