'Terminator' Reboot May Start Shooting in 2018

Kofi Outlaw


Deadpool director Tim Miller is signed on to helm the upcoming Terminator reboot, and in a recent interview with Collider, Miller hinted at when production on the reboot may begin.

While doing Collider's "Comic Book Shopping" video segment, Miller teased some upcoming projects he's working on: "a big animated anthology thing," and "another big movie that will hopefully start shooting next year."

It didn't take fans long to decipher the clues: Miller had worked with director David Fincher on a reboot of the cult-classic Heavy Metal animated anthology back in 2008; and he was recently attached to the Terminator reboot that's being produced under the guidance of James Cameron himself, with Arnold Schwarzenegger once again returning.

If the Terminator reboot is truly shaping up to start shooting next year, then we should start getting more casting and story details sooner before later.

We'll keep you updated on the casting and production status of the Terminator reboot.

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