Closer Look at the New 'Predator' Costumes

Kofi Outlaw


Shane Black's The Predator is keeping story details a closely-guarded secret, but some recent set photos have gotten fans buzzing. 

We here at Popculture.com recently posted some set pics from The Predatorwhich suggested that the iconic alien monsters could be working with a squad of special forces soldiers in the new film. Now, another outlet is offering the same behind-the-scenes look in greater detail, which reveals some new things fans will be interested in. 

The fan site AVP Galaxy has the new set pics - Click the Link Below to see the new photos. 

VIEW: New Predator 4 Set Photos

What these new set photos showcase are the types of new armors these latest Predators are wearing. One Predator is wearing gold-plated armor, which some fans speculate could be the signifier of a high-ranking Predator warrior; the other seems to have a black mask, with added levels of body armor. 

Again, why these Predator warriors are riding in a heavy artillery vehicle remains to be seen (just behind the scenes goofs? Or legit plot twist?), but at least we know the monsters will look pretty cool. 

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The Predator will be in theaters on August 3, 2018. 

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox, Twitter / @predatormovie

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