Priscilla Presley Makes Big Claim About Elvis And Facebook

John Connor Coulston


Elvis Presley was one of the most charismatic figures in pop culture ever, but, according to his ex-wife, he might not be so open to the social ways of the 21st century.

Speaking with news.com.au, Priscilla Presley thinks the public notion that Elvis was an outgoing figure with a love of public life is a bit off. In fact, the 71-year-old mother of Lisa Marie Presley said he would not want to embrace social media.

"He was a very private person," she said "I definitely can't see him on social media. We've joked about this before with some of the inner-circle, saying that 'Elvis would never be on Facebook!'"

This statement is especially ironic considering Elvis' Facebook page currently has more than 13 million followers. Furthermore, more than 600,000 people tour the late King of Rock 'n' Roll's Memphis home each year.

But while Graceland serves a very public purpose now, it wasn't always that way. Priscilla went on to discuss how their mansion home served as a retreat for her and her family.

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"I’m still not comfortable being in the limelight," she said. "Memphis was pretty good about protecting him and letting us live our lives. But in California though, we’d be lying out by the pool in our backyard and hear the rustling of trees and, sure enough, the paparazzi would be hiding behind them.

“You’d always be on guard, always looking around. I don’t think you ever get that comfortable being in the limelight."

While her time with Elvis made thrust her into the public eye, she doesn't regret it. She still has extremely fond memories of the couple's six-year marriage.

“Watching him was such an experience, It was really heartfelt and I really miss that a lot," she said. "I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who laughed like that. He was like a little boy."

What do you think of Priscilla Presley's claims about Elvis?


[h/t Daily Mail]

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