UF Bass Fishing Team Gets Catapulted From Boat In Crazy Video

Crazy videos on the internet are what we live for, right? Well, this University of Florida bass fishing team accident is something that can go in the ranks of one of the best internet videos that exist. Luckily, no one was hurt, but it could have been very, very bad.

The guys in the boat -- Hunter Bland and Conner Young -- were going about their usual boat business and the steering system went out, sending the two men flying (and we mean that literally) out of the boat. 

Fortunately, both guys were wearing life jackets and kill switches, which stopped the boat immediately after they were thrown from it.  

After getting back in and understanding the situation that just went down, one guy says, "I just need to breathe for a second."

Their story is a crazy, dangerous one. We are glad they are both doing fine, as the accident in this video is insane and could have easily resulted in death.