Ryan Gosling Forced To Watch Embarrassing Video Of Him Dancing As A Child

Now that everyone has seen just how well Ryan Gosling can dance in his newest film La La Land, it’s time to see how he started his dancing career. Of course, Gosling has a few videos roaming the internet of his early career, but this is the first time we get to see him react to his own videos.

While promoting La La Land Gosling, alongside co-star Emma Stone, visited The Graham Norton Show. While there, Norton brought up the early careers of all of his guests. But Gosling was the only guest who had such a sensational video.

In the video, Gosling is dancing with a troupe, all of which are girls, except for him. They are rocking out to “Touch Me” by Cathy Dennis. When Norton asked how old Gosling was at the time, he simply responded with, “Old enough to know better.”

Needless to say, it is a pretty embarrassing video - if the looks on Gosling’s face as he watches it isn’t enough proof. The young Gosling struts around the stage. He did the Charlie Brown. He did a few pelvic thrusts to the beat. But, best of all, he did it while wearing a sparkly purple shirt and silver hammer pants.

“I would love to say that someone told me I had to wear that,” Gosling said about his outfit.

As it turns out, Gosling started his dance career really early. He actually competed on a Canadian talent competition show, where he danced his way to the prize.

“My main competition were these two twins who were tap dancers and they were dancing to Phil Collins’ ‘Two Hearts.’ They had big heart-shaped bows and they were the ones to beat,” Gosling said “I looked up just off stage and the two twins are standing there like the twins from The Shining and they’re just going like this…”

They totally gave him the middle finger like a creepy pair of jerks.

At least Gosling can look back at his dance work today without embarrassment.

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