Ivanka Trump Steps Down From Her Businesses

It looks like Ivanka Trump is calling it quits - or at least she is calling it "temporary quits." The entrepreneur has decided that while her father is in the White House, she will no longer be in charge of her own fashion and accessories company, no will she be a part of her father's company. 

The former The Apprentice co-host made an official statement about her stepping down from the two companies. She made it very clear that this is only a temporary situation.

“When my father takes office as the 45th President of the United States of America, I will take a formal leave of absence from The Trump Organization and my eponymous apparel and accessories brand,” Trump wrote. “I will no longer be involved with the management or operations of either company.”

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Trump previously mentioned that she and her husband, Jared Kushner, have decided to move to Washington, D.C. Kushner will soon take his position as a Senior Advisor to President-elect Donald Trump once he takes office officially on January 20th, 2017. The move alone gives Trump a great reason to step down from her current company management positions, as it would be difficult to run her New York based companies from another city.

What's more, Trump went on mention that she is looking forward to putting her new found time into not only helping her three kids settle into their new home - in the same neighborhood that the Obamas have decided to move to after leaving the White House - but also into charity work.

"I'm grateful for the overwhelming amount of outreach I've received from people all across America who have shared their stories and offered to extend their ideas and expertise in the areas I am deeply passionate about, including the education and empowerment of women and girls; leveling the playing field for female entrepreneurs and job creators and unleashing the potential of women in the workplace,” she wrote. “I am eager to hear more from them as I determine the most impactful and appropriate ways for me to serve our country.”

As for the Trump Organization, Trump echoed her father's comments during his press conference. Ivanka's brothers, Eric and Donald Jr. will be handling the running of their family company while he is in office.

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[H/T US Weekly]